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OPES Social
is bringing wine and beer connoisseurs together.

Join us to explore new tastes, savor old favorites, and to take the social hour into the future.

Wine brings light to the hidden secrets of the soul.
– Horace

Increasing the number of consumers and repeat customers is the key.

With Opes Social, breweries and wineries will be providing a interactive way your customers can connect with your brewery, flavors, and services. Once a customer has joined OPES by downloading the OPES app and receiving their wallet, the fun begins! Beer connoisseurs and wine aficionados will scan QR codes to see the story you want to tell about your microbrew or oak-aged chardonnay and earn OS Crypto coins for themselves and the brewery all at once.

A connection with OPES Social creates brand knowledge with a potential worldwide customer base and minimal marketing costs.  With OPES technology, there is no question that every dollar of your marketing is reaching an actual person. Foster an exciting, interactive relationship with your customers, leading to their brand loyalty.

Get more customers to your brewery or winery and quenching their thirst with your microbrews and limited editions wines! Connect with OPES Social!


The OPES ID app uses next-generation technology to ensure all users are unique and provide protection against bots. From the app, users can explore the OPES communities, manage their account, set up alerts, send tokens and much more. Opes has built a world class facial recognition sign on mobile app, called OPES ID, that offers biometric security and protects access to your account utilizing next generation technology.

The OPES ID App is available for download from Android and IOS app stores below.

OPES Blockchain Wallet

The OPES Wallet is integrated into the OPES ID app and is used to directly interact with the OPESchain without running a complete node. It provides state-of-the-art security and protection, utilizing secure enclave technology to store each user’s private key.

Transactions preformed on OPES are crosschain compatible, using the proven SECP256K1 Cryptographic curve to perform transactions, signing and validation. The OPES wallet enables users to access the full capability of the decentralized ledger technology directly from their mobile devices while maintaining anonymity.

OPES Crypto

PE and OS is a highly extensible cryptocurrency that is native to the OPES Blockchain and OPES ECOSYSTEM. They have a variety of uses in the global financial engine, including creating liquidity for secondary markets, purchasing licenses for higher account roles, creating and distributing trade-able assets, providing resources to run the OPES blockchain, and being used for a global currency.

In wine there is wisdom,

In beer there is freedom,

In water there is bacteria.

– Benjamin Franklin